Brian Reed

Brian Reed

Chief Mobility Officer at NowSecure Mobile

As Chief Mobility Officer, Brian Reed leads the mobile standards and mobile DevSecOps charge at NowSecure helping orgs deliver secure mobile apps faster. He brings decades of experience in mobile, apps, security, dev, and testing helping Fortune 2000 global customers and mobile innovators. Brian is a compelling storyteller, speaker and writer including AllDayDevOps, OWASP, DevOpsWorld, DevOps Days, RSA, Droidcon, Mobile World Congress, FS-ISAC, and more. Brian is a graduate of Duke University.

Presentation Abstract

Insiders Guide to Mobile AppSec with OWASP MASVS

From the birth of MASVS and MSTG in January 2018 to the most recent updates, the OWASP Mobile Security Project has advanced the state of mobile app security testing dramatically. As supporters and contributors to the Mobile Security Project at OWASP, we have pen tested thousands of mobile apps and scanned millions of commercial apps in the app stores over the years… and have identified the most common security issues that plague developers and security teams. Whether you are new to mobile pen testing or a veteran looking for the latest tools and tactics, join this session to learn 10 keys to mobile appsec leveraging OWASP MASVS and practical real-world experience.