Jeevan Singh

Jeevan Singh

Security Engineering Manager, Segment

Jeevan Singh is a Security Engineering Manager for Segment, where he is embedding security into all aspects of the software development process. Jeevan enjoys building security culture within organizations and educating staff on security best practices. Jeevan is responsible for a wide variety of tasks including: architecting security solutions, working with development teams to resolve security vulnerabilities and building out security features. Before life in the security space, Jeevan had a wide variety of development and leadership roles over the past 15 years.

Presentation Abstract

Threat Modeling 101 – Where Vulnerabilities Should be Killed

Threat Modeling is a great way to discover and remediate threats in your system before they are even created. It is commonly performed by security professionals, but threat modeling can be done by anyone. This hands-on workshop will cover the threat modeling workflow, common classes of vulnerabilities and hands on examples that will have you discover threats in different systems.