Patterson Cake

Patterson Cake

Founder, Haven Information Security, LLC

Patterson Cake is a cybersecurity principal engineer at PeaceHealth, founder of Haven Information Security, and a SANS instructor, specializing in offensive security and incident response. Patterson loves learning and the constant challenges and riddles of information security. He is passionate about tangible outcomes, forward progress, learning and sharing both successes and failures for the benefit of others!

Presentation Abstract

Cultivating Cyber Warriors

You’ve got digital sheep (IT assets). The cyber wolves are increasing in number and boldness. You need cyber sheepdogs. But they’re a finicky lot: hard to find, harder to retain, challenging to grow and develop, sometimes hard to get along with! In this short session, geared toward cybersecurity professionals and their managers, we’ll discuss tips for understanding the “breed,” maximizing performance, and promoting growth, development and retention.