Will Whittaker

Will Whittaker

Security Researcher

Will Whittaker is part of the team helping to secure one of the largest ad-tech platforms and has spent the majority of his career working at the intersection where advertising technology meets security and privacy concerns.

Presentation Abstract

Ad-Tech for Security People

The talk covers: an ad-tech threat model, why you need to care about ad-tech security, various attacks and threat actors within the ad-tech ecosystem, and some defenses that you might be unaware of unless you’re familiar with how ad-tech works. For an application security audience, this matters because ad-tech is often embedded within applications as the monetization system, especially for free tier users, and the protocols involved are generally not well understood. As well, even if your application doesn’t use advertisements for monetization, other people do, and security issues in the ecosystem can be used to harm your users and your business.